Digital Marketer & Author


About content strategist and young adult author Maria Mora.


Maria Mora is Content Director at Big Sea, a digital marketing agency in St. Petersburg, Florida. A graduate of the University of Florida, she has been working in digital media since 2002. She has over 1000 articles published on platforms like SheKnows, Yahoo, and Azula. Maria specializes in identifying brand narratives and translating them into messaging that doesn't feel like marketing.

As a young adult author, Maria is committed to representing the teen she was -- a bisexual kid with an anxiety disorder. But she doesn't write "issue" books. Queer, anxious kids can change the world, soar across the universe, and solve mysteries.  

Maria is the single mom of a kid in elementary school and a kid in middle school, and she can't keep up with their voracious reading habits. If she isn't writing, revising, or at work, please tell her to go to bed.